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 Stocked Products 

AeroCoat offers the following key Mil-Spec & Aerospace coatings products ready for next day shipping. 

We have no minimum orders, and quantity discounts start at 2 or more gallon kits.


Mil-Spec Topcoats:

  • Mil-PRF-85285E Type I, Class H Topcoat: nearly 350 colors available in as little as 2 Quart kits, please see (85285 Available Colors list).

  • MIL-PRF-85285E, Type II, Class H Topcoat:  nearly 150 colors available in gallon kits.

  • Mil-DTL-53039E Type I, Type IV, Type VIII, Type IX available in the following colors: 
    • FS 33303 (Sand)
    • FS 33531 (Sand)
    • FS 33446 (686A Tan)
    • FS 34031 (Aircraft Green)
    • FS 34088 (Olive Drab)
    • FS 34094 (383 Green)
    • FS 36231 (Aircraft Gray)
    • FS 37030 (Black)
    • FS 37038 (Aircraft Black) 
    • FS 37875 (Aircraft White)
    • FS 31136 (Aircraft Red)
    • FS 34201 (Desert Woodland Sage)

  • Mil-DTL-64159B Type II: 383 Green (34094), 686 Tan (33446), 37030, Aircraft Black (37038), 34160 (Foliage Green)

  • Mil-PRF-22750G, Type I and II topcoat in the following colors:  11136, 13538, 16081, 16440, 16473, 17038, 17178, 17875, 17925, 24410, 24533, 26307, 26492, 27038, 27875, 36231, 36375, 37038, and Gloss Clear.

  • Mil-T-81772 thinners, Type I and II


Mil-Spec Primers:

  • Aerospace primers to Mil-PRF-23377K Types I & II in classes C2, C1 and N.

  • CARC Primers Mil-P-53022E, Types II, III, and IV and Mil-P-53030B

  • Wash Primers to Mil-C-8514C & DOD-P-15328D

  • TT-P-1757B Type I, Class C, Zinc Chromate Primer, Yellow and Green

  • Aerospace waterborne primers to the following military and commercial specs:

44-GN-007 (Mil-PRF-85582E, Type I, Class C1)

44-GN-011 (BMS 10-11AB, Type I, Class A, Grade E)

44-GN-024 (Mil-PRF-85582E, Type I, Class C2)

44-GN-036 (Mil-PRF-85582E, Type I, Class C2)

44-GN-049 (Mil-PRF-85582E, Type II, Class C2)

44-GN-054 (DMS 1786M, Comp D)

44-GN-060 (STMG L753 Rev C, Class C/BMS 10-11, Type I, Class A, Grade E)

44-GN-072 (Mil-PRF-85582E, Type I, Class C2/MMS 423)

44-GN-098 (Mil-PRF-85582E, Type I, Class N/LMA-MR003E, Class 2, Type II, Grade A)

44-W-007   (Mil-P-53030C)

45-GY-5     (BMS 10-103D, Type I, Grade E)

10PW20-4 (Mil-PRF-85582E, Type I, Class C2)


Commercial Spec Products:

  • 10P4-2NF, Fluid Resistant Epoxy Primer, Nytal Free, BAC 452 Green to Boeing Spec BMS 10-11AB, Type I, Class A, Grade A

  • 10P8-10NF, Fluid Resistant Epoxy Primer, Nytal Free, BAC 452 Green to Boeing Spec BMS 10-11AB, Type I, Class A, Grade B
  • 446-22-1000, BAC 702 Gloss White, High Solids Epoxy Topcoat to Boeing Spec BMS 10-11AB, Type II, Class B, Grade D
  • 446-22-2000, BAC 707 Gloss Gray, High Solids Epoxy Topcoat to Boeing Spec BMS 10-11AB, Type II, Class B, Grade D

  • BMS 10-60R Type I & II, BMS 10-72 Type IX Eclipse™ High Solids Polyurethane Topcoat, Alumigrip™ & AlumigripHS™ Topcoat Colors, over 1,600 colors available (Eclipse Available Colors list)

  • SPC-909, SEA to SKY™, Neutral Paint Stripper to Boeing Spec D6-17487.

  • 683-3-2, Clear Polyurethane Coating BAC 5710, Type 41

  • 28C1, Composite Pinhole Filler, Boeing Spec BAC 5837

  • 454-4-1, Integral Fuel Tank Coating, BMS 10-20, TY II, Cl A, Gr A

  • 463-6-4, High Temperature Epoxy Coating to Boeing spec BAC 5755, Type 10

  • 463-3-8, Flat Black Temperature Control Topcoat to spec MIS-34328

  • 463-12-8, Fluid Resistant Epoxy Primer to spec DMS 1786M, Type I, Comp A

  • 467-9, Composite Filler Putty, to spec DPM 5765.

  • 10P8-11, High Solids General Aviation Primer to Cessna spec CMFS035

  • 10P30-5, Corrosion Resistant Epoxy Primer to Cessna Spec CMFS029, Type II

  • 10P30-8, High Solids General Aviation Sanding Surfacer to Cessna Spec CMFS039

  • 23T3-10/23T3-105, High Solids Teflon Coating to Boeing Spec BMS 10-86, Type I

  • 10P2-3, Anti-Static Conductive Flat Black Epoxy Coating to Boeing Spec BMS 10-21, Type III

  • 01-W-074 (Gulfstream GMS 5006C, Type I, FS Color 17925)

  • 01-R-051  (Gulfstream GMS 5006C, Type I, FS Color 11136)
  • 01-BK-038 (Gulfstream GMS 5006C, Type I, FS Color 27038)  


Now stocking the new American Airlines Livery Colors, including:

  • Aerodur 3001 Basecoat Gray BAC 7145
  • Aerodur 3002 Clearcoat
  • ECL-G-8670M Gloss Silver Mica Topcoat



Aerosol Spray Cans Available In:

  • Mil-DTL-53039E, Type VII CARC, color 383 Green, 08605GUZ (Hentzen)
  • Mil-DTL-53039E, Type VII CARC, color 686A Tan, 08609TUZ (Hentzen)
  • Mil-P-53022E Type II, Off-White Epoxy Primer, A4488WEP (Hentzen)
  • Mil-PRF-23377K, Type I, Class C2, Epoxy Primer, 10P20-13SC (Akzo)
  • Mil-PRF-85285E-37038, Type I, Class H, Flat Black 666-58-7038SC (Akzo)
  • Mil-PRF-85285E-36231, Type I, Class H, Flat Gray 666-58-6231SC (Akzo)
  • Mil-PRF-85285E-17925, Type I, Class H, Gloss White 646-58-7925SC (Akzo)


 Our stock list changes constantly.  If you don't see an item on this list, we still may have it!  Give us a call anytime and our sales staff would be happy to help you locate what you are looking for.  You can also contact us via email by clicking here.